Scrooge meets the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come: he looks like the ____ (symbolising death). The ghost doesn’t speak; Scrooge does all the talking. This shows Scrooge’s ____ as he has learnt lessons from the other ghosts.The ghost shows us Scrooge’s business acquaintances (representing Ignorance in society). They are uninterested in what has happened to Scrooge and are only interested in a ____. Like Marley, Scrooge’s funeral is “____”. The ghost then takes Scrooge to a ____ where people have plundered his house and body and are selling his possessions (representing Want in society). ____, Scrooge’s employee, says that the theft is a “____” on him. Next we meet some debtors of Scrooge who are relieved he has died. Scrooge also learns that ____ has died. He is forced to witness the pain and suffering of ____, who tries to remain strong for his family’s sake. Finally, the ghost shows Scrooge his grave. Scrooge repents and admits he is a changed man by declaring “I’m not the man I was” and “____”.


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