CalculatedRisk - The probability of a negative event occurring. 10,4, MarketMap - A diagram that shows the range of possible positions for two features of a product, such as low to high price and low to high quality. 6,3, Marketsegment - Part of a market that contains a group of buyers with similar buying habits, such as age or income. 6,7, Mindmap - Is a diagram that is used to record words and ideas connected to a central word or idea., Persuasion - A skill of an entrepreneur. To be able to convince a customer they should buy the product/service. Or it could also mean negotiating with a supplier to lower their prices., Determination - The drive to succeed in business. To show commitment to an idea or setting up a business., Businessplan - A layout for the development of a business giving forecasts such as sales, costs and cash flow. 8,4, Venturecapitalist - An individual or company which buys shares in what they hope will be a fast growing company with a long term view of selling the shares at a profit. 7,10, Sharecapital - The monetary value of a company which belongs to its shareholders, for example, if five people each invest £10,000 into a business, the share will be £50,000. 5,6, Dividend - A share of the profits of a company received by shareholders who own shares., Factoring - A source of finance where a business is able to receive cash immediately for the invoices it has issued from a factor, such as a bank, instead of waiting the typical 30 days to be paid. , Retainedprofit - Profit which is kept back in the business and used to pay for investment in the business. 8,6, Loan - Borrowing a sum of money which has to be repaid with interest over a period of time, such as 1-5 years., Overdraftfacility - Borrowing money from a bank by drawing more money than is actually in a current account. Interest is charged on the amount overdrawn. 9,8, Personalsavings - Money that has been set aside and not spent by individuals and households. 8,7,

Business Studies Unit 1 Keywords Crossword 2




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