1) Wear them on your hands to keep warm. a) watch b) scarf c) buttons d) gloves 2) wear this on the top half of your body, it can have long or short sleeves a) jumper b) T Shirt c) trousers d) scarf 3) the skin from a cow or a pig. a) silk b) cotton c) leather d) polyester 4) wear it around your neck to keep warm. a) necklace b) leather c) sleeves d) scarf 5) wear it on your arm to tell the time a) gloves b) watch c) necklace d) sleeves 6) a piece of women's clothing that hangs from the waist and has no legs a) scarf b) skirt c) shorts d) trousers 7) trousers made from denim - usually blue a) skirt b) shorts c) jumpers d) jeans 8) a round piece of jewellery that you wear on your finger a) nail b) ring c) bracelet d) necklace 9) a soft sports shoe a) boots b) trainers c) shoes d) socks 10) a piece of jewellery that you wear around your neck a) necklace b) watch c) ring d) scarf




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