He often listens to the radio., They sometimes read a book., Peter never gets angry., Tom is usually very friendly., I sometimes take sugar in my coffee., My grandmother always goes for a walk in the evening., Walter usually helps his father in the kitchen., They never watch TV in the afternoon., They often go to the movies., She rarely listens to classical music., He sometimes reads the local newspaper., Sarah never smiles., I sometimes drink coffee with milk., Frank is often ill., I always go jogging in the morning., She never helps her daughter with her homework., I seldom eat meat., I always eat vegetables and fruits., I always have breakfast with my parents., She usually goes to bed at eleven o'clock., I am always happy., They sometimes visit their aunt on Sunday., You never get up late., We seldom have fish for dinner., I hardly ever watch TV in the morning., They sometimes go swimming in the lake., The weather is always bad in November., He often rides his bike in the yard., She usually uses the computer for her work., My sister often walks the dog., Tom usually plays the guitar on Monday., They never drink orange juice., You always eat bananas for lunch., My brothers are always polite., My sister is never rude with our parents..



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