Julie and Anne hadn't met before the party., He hadn't used email before,so I showed him how to use it., You hadn't studied for the test,so you were very nervous., After Fred had spent his holiday in Italy he wanted to learn Italian., When I arrived at the cinema, the film had started., She had lived in China before she went to Thailand., If you had listened to me, you would have dot the job., When we had finished dinner,we went out., We were late for the plane because we had forgotten our passports., The grass was yellow because it hadn't rained all summer., She told me she had studied a lot before the exam., She said that she hadn't visited the UK before., When we arrived,we discovered that the bus had left., When I called,she had gone to sleep., Patrick had saved a lot of money before he bought the house., Kevin had gone home by the time I arrived., Tom suddenly realised that he had left his laptop in the train., Mum was annoyed because I hadn't cleaned my room., Why didn't you want to watch this film? Have you seen it before?, Sally was embarrassed because she had forgotten her dad's birthday., The waiter bought a drink that I hadn't ordered., After the man had come home, he fed the cat., Before he sang a song he had played the guitar., She could watch a video after the children had gone to bed., They had ridden their bikes before they met their friends., Tom turned on the radio after he had washed the dishes., I had studied Japanese before., She had baked before she opened her shop., Brain knew many people at the club because he had been there many times., I had been to in India before 1986., Chris had owed that car for five years before he sold it., Sharon had been very fat before she stopped eating junk food., You cooked a lot because you had been so hungry..




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