John Brown got drunk and decided to drive home himself. As he turned into his street, he crashed into another car and killed the driver., James Kendell pretended to start a business and persuaded some people to lend him some money. He used the money to go on a holiday to the Caribbean., Peter Davidson stole a computer from a company he worked for., Mike Olsten took out a gun and ordered the pilot to fly to Miami., Lucas Greene set his school on fire after failing his exams., Jay Williams and Jessica Stone stopped billionaire Tom Hykes outside his home and forced him to go with them. They wanted 20 million dollars from the family to free him., Nate Johnson waited until night, carefully forced open the window and climbed into the house. He took the TV and a lot of money., Helen Rot walked around the department store and, making sure no one was watching, put two expensive watches into her bag., Claus Schwartz often went to the shopping center and took wallets from the people who were busy shopping. They never felt a thing., Jason Brothers was caught at the customs with $500,000 worth of cocaine hidden in the doors of his car., Jerry Mac waited in the dark street until a young woman turned his way. He jumped out, hit her in the face and ran off with her leather handbag..



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