1) Ask your groupmates to give you advice about a problem you have. Class 3 2) Tell what you regret about your past. Class 9 3) Tell about a time you had a great feeling of accomplishment. Class 10 4) Tell how to cook your favourite dish. Class 5 5) Choose a peson you know and describe their personality. Class 2 6) Tell about your preferences related to food. Class 7 7) What can you say insdead of good-bye? Class 1 8) What phrases can you use to say that you're not sure about something? Class 4 9) Tell about something you know for a fact. Class 4 10) Tell about something you wish about the present. Class 9 11) Give advice on how to improve your English pronunciation. Class 3 12) What phrases can show your interest in what someone is telling you? Class 1 13) What questions can you ask when you meet someone for the first time? Class 1 14) Tell about what you persevere in. Class 10 15) Tell about a time when something went wrong. Class 10 16) Suggest your groupmates to watch a movie. Class 3




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