1. In 1996 a highly famous hip-hop singer Tupac Shakur was shot. It ____ one of the gangs was behind this. 2. We’d like to focus on the ____ the other side has failed to ____. 3. Let me ____ our position in this debate. 4. Lee Harvey Oswald ____ a spy and that’s why he killed the president. 5. The Bermuda Triangle ____ has a mysterious and suspicious story ____ it. 6. I’d ____ against using pubic transport. 7. How will we ____ ourselves from our ____? 8. Don't get me ____, but I think we should turn down the proposal 9. Teenagers ____ be worried about their popularity. 10. The more you think abut it, ____ stressed you get! 11. ____ all the drama, the event went quite well. 12. I need to ____ you that I have some bad news… 13. I see ____ what you mean, I have some objections 14. It takes a ____ kind of a film director to make a good movie out of a good book. 15. I ____ not listening to my parents' advice. 16. I ____ I hadn’t left the car keys there! 17. I’d ____ work for a well-established corporation with a good work environment. 18. I____ to order some food to the office today. 19. I ____ working at an office to working at home. 20. I ____ work over time, but now I don't do it any more. 21. I ____ having a flexible schedule




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