1) ...(you /clean) the pond yesterday? It’s full of rubbish again! a) Have you cleaned b) Did you clean 2) The Blazers ...(not lose) a match since the championship started a) haven't lost b) didn't lose 3) Mark .. (want/ always) to act in a soap opera. a) has always wanted b) always wanted 4) Finally last week they ...(give) him a role in Young Hearts. a) gave b) have given 5) ... (you/ever/hear) of working holidays? It sounds like a great idea! a) Did you ever hear b) Have you ever heard 6) ... (you read) any interesting books recently? a) Have you read b) Did you read 7) How long ... you ... (know) Jane? a) did you know b) have you known 8) I ... (finish) my homework last night so I can go out today. a) finished b) have finished 9) I can’t find the remote control. I ... (look) for it everywhere. a) have looked b) looked 10) I hope Susan doesn't get lost. - Don't worry. She ... (be) there twice before. a) was b) has been




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