1) Are there any places you are afraid to visit because of the high crime rate? If so, where? 2) Do you think criminals can change? Why? 3) Do you think gun control is a good idea? Explain. 4) Do you think that the death penalty would prevent crime in your country? Explain why yes or no? 5) Do you think that police dramas can teach people how serious certain actions can be? 6) Do you think there is a link between drugs and crime? 7) Do you think there will be more or less crime in the future? 8) Do you see a lot of crime happening around you? What kind of crime is it? 9) Is downloading music or videos a crime? 10) Why do you think people steal things? 11) Have you ever seen a crime being committed? What did you see? 12) Has someone ever stolen from you? What did they take? How did you feel?



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