1) He was falsely______of shoplifting  a) threatened b) accused 2) She dreams ____ becoming a surgeon  a) of b) for 3) We were all taken ____ by the scheme and invested far more money than we should have. a) over b) in 4) It can be hard for even a trained doctor to _____ the symptoms of lung cancer. a) grab b) spot 5) John’s _____ great shape considering he’s now in his fifties. a) of b) in 6) I was always told to _____ to my principles, no matter what was at stake.  a) betray b) stick 7) I regret to say your dog passed ____ this morning. a) away b) by 8) We’ll have to take ____ more staff if we want to expand. a) on b) over 9) Stop winding Lucy ___. You know she’s very sensitive to criticism. Just let her be! a) on b) up 10) The drive to my uncle’s place gave us the ____ opportunity to enjoy some time alone. a) pleasurable b) perfect




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