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shopping bag - You use it to carry your shopping home., shopping basket - You put things in this at the supermarket. You don't push it. You carry it, but you don't take it home., cashier - This person takes your money and gives you change., shopping list - You write this to remember the things you want to buy, shopping trolley - It's big, it's got 4 wheels and you push it around the supermarket., special offer - When something is cheaper than it usually is., customer - A person who buys goods or a service, queue - A line of people standing and waiting for something, delivery - The act of taking goods, letters, parcels, etc. to people's houses or places of work, checkout(counter) - The place in a store where you pay for the things you are buying, price tag - A piece of paper with a price that is attached to a product, or the amount that something costs, receipt - A piece of paper that shows the price of something that you have bought and proves that you have paid for it, to agree - to have the same opinion/to accept a suggestion or idea, change - the money that is returned to someone who has paid for something that costs less than the amount that they gave,



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