1) Is there anything that you know ins and outs of? 2) When was last time you wined and dined someone? Who was it? Where did you take them? 3) Would you ever tell your significant other that you’ve been around and about? Why is it a good / bad idea? 4) Do you have a tried and tested method of learning new words? 5) What are the dos and don’ts at your workplace? Do you agree with all of them? 6) Have you ever moved back and forth between two workplaces / cities / countries etc.? 7) Where do you think it’s not a good idea to use a trial and error method? 8) Do you have a device which breaks easily? Is it up and running now? 9) Have you ever been in a situation when you thanked goodness you’re safe and sound? 10) Can you think of something that’s dead and buried for you but your friend / colleague / significant other keeps bringing up? 11) Is going vegan by and large healthy? Have you tried going vegan?




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