To Kill a MockingbirdHarper Lee's ____ "To Kill a Mockingbird" came out in 1960 and was an ____ success. I recently found my mother's old ____ on a shelf, but some of the pages had fallen out so I dowloaded the ____ onto my mobile. It's a story about growing up in a small town in Alabama where there is a lot of racial injustice. Probably the most famous ____ in the book is where Miss Maudie says to kill a mockingbird is evil because these birds "sing their hearts out of us". The ____ is not sad, but it isn't happy either because a man is dead and a child is hurt. When the book first ____, the ____ told Lee it would not be very successful. In fact, they decided to ____ only 5,000 copies. So far, "To Kill a Mockingbird" has sold more that forty million ____! Film ReviewNobody could say that the film "Inception" has a ____ storyline. On the contrary, it has an unbelievably ____ plot and is full of ____ twists. Dominic Cobb, the ____ character, is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The ____ effects, especially some of the big scenes, are amazing, Cobb meets up with his children again in the ____. Has the film got a ____ ending? Probably. Cobb has stopped dreaming, we think! The movie had r____ all around the world when it opened, and in the first weekend, it made sixty-three million dollars.




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