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charger - a device that is used to recharge a battery (= fill it with electricity), staff - the group of people who work for an organization, serve - to provide food or drinks, opening hours - the times when a business is open for people to use it, receipt - a piece of paper that shows the price of something that you have bought and proves that you have paid for it, put something on - to move something you wear onto your body, try something on - to put on clothes to see how they look or if they fit, look for - to search for/ to try to find, find out - to learn a fact, a piece of information or the truth about sb or sthg, I don't mind - It's fine with me, portable - light and small enough to be easily carried or moved, choice - an act or the possibility of choosing, port - a part of a computer where wires from other pieces of equipment, such as a printer, can be connected, heavy - opp. light - weighing a lot, and needing effort to move or lift,



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