1) Kate ________ her mum every day a) help b) helps 2) You ______ basketball on Fridays. a) plays b) play 3) We _____ pizza every Saturday. a) make b) makes 4) My kitten _____ milk. a) drink b) drinks 5) He _____ his homework in the afternoon. a) do b) does 6) She _____ lunch at 1 o'clock. a) has b) have 7) They usually _____ in the park. a) skate b) skates 8) My dad _____ up at 7 o'clock. a) get b) gets 9) Sue _____ swimming on Monday. a) goes b) go 10) I _____ to music every evening. a) listen b) listens

Spotlight 3. Present Simple (Positive sentences).

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