1. She went to Spain ____ the fact that her doctor had told her to rest. 2. Our vacation was a disaster: not only was the food terrible, the weather was awful ____. 3. I can’t ____ to the idea that you’re grown up now. 4.____ my generation appreciates personal freedom and ability to make their own decisions and choices. 5. Statistics show a 20% reduction in street crime ____ with last year. 6. Kelly loved her husband in ____ of the fact that he drank too much. 7. We’re eating out more often than we ____ to. 8. Pascal went ahead with the experiment ____ he knew it was dangerous. 1. That guy ____ be Maria’s second cousin.2. We were impressed with the ____ beauty of Venice. 3. The warmer the weather is, the ____ clothes we’ll need. 4. I always know the first news in our company because I have a ____ source of information from the top management. 5. I’m not impressed by people who ____ in front of me. I don’t care about your car or any achievements. 6. She was determined to become a doctor, so apart from studying 24/7 she had ____ practice since the second year and watched DrHouse through and through. 7. When your partner starts ignoring you, you understand it’ll take a lot of time to get ____. 8. The company has been a pioneer in ____ technology. 9. Of course I’m furious! You promised to raise my salary but instead, I’m being ____. I need to find a new job now! Do you expect me to ____?




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