If you travel through (через) an airport in the near future, how will you prepare?, What are some things to do at the airport while waiting for your flight to board?, How do you feel about using English at the airport?, What is your local airport like?, How do you think airports can be improved?, What is your most interesting airport experience?, Where do you prefer to sit on a plane? In a window seat, an aisle seat or in the middle?, What are the best and worst things about travelling by plane?, What is the longest flight you have taken? Did you enjoy it?, What is your opinion of the food you are served on board?, What sort of things do you do to pass the time (згаяти час) while flying?, Do you watch the safety instruction at the start of the flight or do you think it is boring? What are you typically told?, Do you ever get afraid when you are flying? How do you get over it?, What security measures are now in place in airport?, Have you ever had your flight delayed or cancelled? How would/did you feel?, Why are people afraid of flying?, What are the best things about flying? Why? , What are the worst things about flying? Why? , What do we need to do before getting to the airport? Why?, What do we need to do at the airport?.




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