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i guess i am a computer freak. i am always on my ____ and i love my gadgets. when i wake up i ____ my emails and texts.while i am having breakfast i ____ music on my mp3 player and send some ____ masseges to my best friend. i do not often call her because it is easier to talk ____. i have my ____ with me inmy pocket everywhere - even in class. i can ____ online or ____ the internet - it is educational. at break and after school i play ____ on my phone. in the evening i sometimes use a dvd ____ to watch a film on a big ____. i do not have many books so i read them on my ____ and i keep all my photos on a very small ____ which i store in my bag.at the end of my day my phone and tablet ____ are down, so i ____ them before i go to bed. i can not imagine my life without my gadgets.



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