1) Who is he? a) He is a big ugly green monster. b) He is an ugly big green monster. c) He is a ugly big green monster. d) He is a green ugly big monster. 2) Who is she? a) She's very clever. b) She is a pretty little girl. c) She is a little pretty girl. d) She has got long curly hair. 3) What does he look like? a) He's a handsome tall green man. b) He's a tall and handsome green man. c) He's got a tall and funny man. d) He's got a handsome tall green man. 4) What does she look like? a) She is a plump ugly sea witch. b) She is an ugly plump sea witch. c) She is a very beautiful slim sea witch. d) She is a ugly plump sea witch. 5) What does he look like? a) He is short and tall white duck. b) He is a white and a short duck. c) He is a short white duck.

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