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1) If you leave the rubbish there, a) if it will smell. b) if it would smell. c) if it won't smell. d) if it smells. 2) You will get tired a) if you rode your bike all day. b) if you ride your bike all day. c) if you rides your bike all day. d) if you are ride your bike all day. 3) If Sarah doesn't need her old clothes, a) I took them. b) I don't take them. c) I'll take them. d) I'd take them. 4) We will get wet a) if it rained. b) if it raines. c) if it would rain. d) if it rains. 5) If I find a book, a) I'll give it to you. b) I'd give it to you. c) I was give it to you. d) I gave it to you. 6) Our streets a) not be dirty if we use litter bins. b) will be dirty if we use litter bins. c) won't be dirty if we use litter bins. d) are not dirty if we use litter bins. 7) If we had an umbrella, a) we will not get wet. b) we were get wet. c) we won't get wet. d) we wouldn't get wet. 8) I would run in the fields a) if I weren't scared of snakes. b) if I was scared of snakes. c) if I love snakes. d) if I will scare snakes. 9) If I had a garden, a) I will planted lots of flowers. b) I won't plant lots of flowers. c) I'd plant lots of flowers. d) I will plant lots of flowers. 10) If people didn't use their cars every day, a) the air were cleaner. b) the air will be cleaner. c) the air is cleaner. d) the air would be cleaner. 11) You wouldn't leave plastic bottles in the car a) it it was mine. b) if it wasn't yours. c) if it were yours. d) if it is yours. 12) The forest wouldn't disappear a) if people didn't cut down trees. b) if people didnt cut down trees. c) if people don't cut down trees. d) if people were cut down trees.

Second and first conditional, WW, Les 8, 1, 2, 3




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