evidence - Things that prove or disprove something, verdict - A jury’s decision, threat - A person or thing that is likely to cause damage, acquit - To decide someone is innocent, trial - The process of determination a person’s guilt or innocence in court, hypothesize  - To create a theory about smth, intriguing - Causing a lot of interest, burglar - a person that enters a building, often when there is no one in it and steals money or other valuables, kidnapper - a person that takes a person and holds them in order to get money, thief - a person who steals smth without violence, manslaughter - a type of crime when smb is killed by accident, smuggling - a type of crime when smb brings illegal goods, like drugs, cigarettes etc into the country, arson - a type of crime when smb sets fire to a building, car, etc., illegally, mug - to take something by force from someone, esp. on the street, pickpocket  - a person that steals from someone’s pocket, usually unnoticed, theft - a type of crime when smb steals smth usually secretly and without violence, murderer - a killer, hijack - to use force to take control of a plane, ship, bus, car etc., fraud - a type of crime when smb deceives by making fake documents, money etc, rape - to attack a person and use force in order to get a sexual benefit,



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