1) to be popular a) with b) to c) about d) at 2) to be proud a) of b) for c) about d) in 3) to be similar a) of b) for c) to d) in 4) to be excited a) about b) for c) to d) in 5) to be disappointed a) of b) for c) about d) with 6) to be used a) for b) abot c) to d) with 7) to be afraid a) for b) abot c) of d) with 8) to be worried a) with b) in c) for d) about 9) to be keen a) on b) in c) to d) with 10) Fruit and vegetables are _____ for your health a) good b) bad c) healthy d) full 11) I'm good at science, but _____ at art and music a) interested b) keen c) worried d) bad 12) These snacks are _____ of sugar a) disappointed b) full c) good d) bad 13) Always try to be _____ to other people a) rude b) kind c) happy d) good 14) I'm very _____ with my exam results a) angry b) disappointed c) good d) worried 15) Are you interested _____ art and photography? a) with b) on c) about d) in 16) Josh is afraid _____ spiders! a) on b) of c) at d) for 17) France is famous _____ its cheese and wine. a) for b) of c) with d) about 18) Thank you for your help. It's very kind _____ you a) from b) to c) of d) about 19) I like maths, but I'm not very good _____ it. a) on b) about c) in d) at 20) My parents are disappointed ______ my exam results. a) at b) with c) on d) for 21) It was kind _____ you to help with my homework. a) to b) of c) with d) from 22) I`ve got a new laptop, but I`m not used ______ it. a) in b) of c) with d) to 23) Instagram and TicTic are popular _____ teenagers. a) with b) of c) to d) in

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