1) In ________ we are studying Ancient Greece. a) history b) chemistry 2) Lily is very good at ________ . She is creating her own website now. a) physics b) ICT 3) Last year in _________ we grew vegetables in the school garden. a) biology b) PE 4) I’m studying two _________ : Spanish and German. a) physics b) foreign languages 5) Jake’s favourite subject is _________ . He loves all sports. a) ICT b) PE 6) This term in _________ we are doing the play Peter Pan. a) drama b) science 7) I have to study one ___________ this year: chemistry, biology or physics. a) science subject b) foreign language 8) In most schools, students have to study __________. a) maths b) drama 9) The _________ teacher is great. He does cool experiments with us. a) chemistry b) history

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