1) I didn't hear the phone because I ... my bike. a) fixed b) was fixing c) were fixing d) fix 2) Yesterday we made a cake and ... it with chocolate buttons. a) decorate b) was decorating c) were decorating d) decorated 3) That shop is fantastic. They ... my mobile in two hours. a) was reparing b) were reparing c) repaired d) repair 4) When we came out of the cinema, it ... . a) rain b) was raining c) rained d) were raining 5) For our school project, we ... and built a small table. a) designed b) were designing c) design d) was designing 6) I liked the jeans, but finally I ... to buy a more expensive brand. a) decide b) decided c) was deciding d) were deciding 7) The first time I met him, he ... white sunglasses. a) were wearing b) wore c) worn d) was wearing

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