1) We got very wet and needed a change of clothes. a) somethin else to wear b) something more fashionable 2) Since Jack has finished university he has changed his life. a) moved around b) become different from when he was younger 3) I only have a 50-dollar note. Can you change that for anything smaller? a) give someone different notes b) lend someone smaller notes 4) I bought this dress yesterday but it’s too big. Can I change it? a) bring something back to the shop b) return something and get another item 5) To get to Edinburgh, we have to change trains in Birmingham. a) travel by train and bus b) move from one kind of transport to another 6) The new government is going to make a lot of changes. a) do something new b) do the same thing 7) We’re moving house over the summer, so I’ll send you our change of address. a) new contact details b) more personal information

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