Aisha: You ready for the big trip tomorrow?Mikaela: Yeah, I’m a bit nervous, though. Aisha: Well, you really ____ worry. Flying is the safest way to travel. Mikaela: I know ____ more relaxed, but it’s not easy. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to getting there. ____ I bring a towel for the beach? Aisha: No, we ____ bring any towels – the hotel provides them, for the room and for the beach, but you ____ forget to bring your passport, OK? Mikaela: Very funny. I promise I won’t forget it this time. Aisha: I hope not. Well, you ____ get some sleep. We ____ be at the airport in seven hours. Mikaela: Seven hours? I haven’t packed my bag yet. Aisha: Well, you ____ to get packing then! See you in the morning.

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