1) Tell the nationalities for: Russia, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Spain, France 2) Это мой ключ, а тот твой 3) Is that my book? - No, it isn't. That is ....... 4) Complete the phrases: .........films \TV; ............coffee\water; ............running\to the cinema 5) Create 3 sentences: Every morning I ...\every evening I...\every day off I... 6) Tell the time in words: 3:45; 9:15: 5:30; 7:55 7) Put the question in the correct order: 1) it\ time\ what\ does\ start?: 2) When\the tour\ finish\doees? 8) Put the question in the correct order: 1) much\ does\ how \it\cost\? 2) take\do\credit cards\you\take? 9) Do you __________a lot of junk food? What and When? 10) What are you good at? 11) What are you bad at? 12) What do you enjoy doing on your day off? 13) Tell about your morning with these phrases: Typically, I wake up and... \ head to \ It's time to... \ After that... \ And finally, I wrap up my morning with ... 14) Talk about your hobbies for a minute (use 'like\love\enjoy\don't really like and much\very much\a lot)

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