1. We threaded our way out of the noise and confusion of the customs shed into the brilliant sunshine on the ____. (причал)2. Behind us lay the ____ (бухта), ____ ( even) as a plate, smouldering with that unbelievable blue. 3. while he relieved the ____ feelings ( not expressed for a long time) that had accumulated in his kennel. 4. ('My stomach was out of order,' explained Larry coldly. 'Well, probably his stomach's out of order,' said Margo triumphantly. 'It's ____ of ____ and a dozen of the other.''You mean ____ a dozen of the ____.' 'Whatever I mean, it's the same thing.' 5. At this moment Mother arrived, slightly ____ (disordered), and we had to turn our attentions to the task of getting Roger into the cab.6. Then we rattled past an alley-way in which four scruffy ____ ( stray dogs) were lying in the sun. 7. (The mongrels were immediately ____ into ____, and they sped after the cab, yapping vociferously. 8. 'What the hell d'you think you're playing at?' Leslie snarled, twisting a scarlet and angry face towards Larry. 'Accident,' explained Larry airily. 'I'm ____... it's so long since I used a horse whip. 9. That was a ____ meal,' he said generously. (satisfactory)10. The best thing we can do is to find a house as soon as possible before we all ____h something. (become ill) 11. 'Well,' Mother said with determination, '____. We'll have to move. ( there's no choice) We must get out of the town. 12. The taxi drivers, perceiving our innocent appearance, scrambled from inside their cars and flocked round us like vultures, each trying to out-shout his ____. (countrymen) 13. He was quite sprightly when we set off, but then he did not know what was in ____ for him. (going to happen in the future)

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