1) Please can you empty the ... , it’s getting very full. a) bin b) seat 2) My dad loves cooking burgers on the ... in summer. a) fridge b) barbecue 3) In Asia, a lot of hotels have ... to keep cool. a) air conditioning b) heating 4) This flat is very spacious and it has a ... garden too. a) roof b) bin 5) I will buy another ... this week so we can unpack the books. a) bookcase b) drawer 6) When I fly, I prefer the ... by the window. a) drawer b) seat 7) In Northern Europe most houses have some form of ... to keep warm in winter. a) stairs b) heating 8) Are the knives and forks in this ... ? a) drawer b) light 9) You’ll find the milk in the ... . a) air conditioning b) fridge

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