1) It is a place where you can wait for your flight. a) runaway b) departure lounge c) toilet 2) You can charge your device here or browse the internet. a) charging station b) duty free c) restaurant 3) It is a place where you can get information or help. a) check-in b) duty free c) information desk 4) You show your documents here and receive a flight ticket. a) restaurant b) check-in c) lobby 5) You can take it with you on a plane. a) carry on b) toilet c) charging station 6) A person who works on an airplane. a) doctor b) chef c) flight attendant 7) When your flight is late. a) delay b) cancelled 8) All your bags and suitcases a) school bag b) luggage c) gift bag 9) You bring it from your trip. a) snacks b) souvenirs c) toiletries 10) You fasten it before the plane takes off a) flight ticket b) pillow c) seatbelt




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