teacher - you should listen to this person in class!, hairdresser - a person who cuts people’s hair, sandwich - two pieces of bread with cheese, meat, etc. in the middle, waiter - a man who serves food and drink in a restaurant, shop assistant  - someone who helps customers in a shop, actress - a female actor, magazine - large thin books sold weekly or monthly, club - a place where people go to dance and play music, supermarket - a big shop where you buy food and other things, shelves - fl at pieces of wood that you fix to the wall and put things on, lamp - an electric light that stands on the fl oor or a table, library - a place where you borrow books, near - not far, chemist's - another word for pharmacy, bookshop - a place where you buy books, plant - a living thing with roots and leaves, rug - a small carpet that covers part of the fl oor, pasta - Italian food made from fl our, eggs and water,

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