City life: Beijing I’m Xang, and I live in Beijing in China. It’s one of the largest cities in the world with more than 20 million people, so there are ____ on the streets every day. I live in an ____ in the city centre and I love where I live, but there are a few problems like in all big cities. ____ has been a problem in Beijing for a long time because of all the cars and industry, but over the last four years it has improved by more than 25%, which is a good sign. There are also too many cars on the roads, which causes a lot of ____, especially during the busy ____, but the city is following places like London and Singapore by charging drivers to come into the centre, and this should reduce the number of vehicles. In fact, it’s better to travel by ____ anyway as there’s a very good subway system here. The city is also improving by creating many new parks and other ____ amongst all the urban areas. And it’s even slowly solving the problem of ____ by introducing ____ in households for people to sort out their waste. So my city is getting better and better every day!

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