1) There are a lot of ... in this zoo.  a) animals b) wildlife 2) I sit at my ... to do my homework.   a) furniture b) desk 3) How much ... have you got?   a)  homework b) project 4) I’m very hungry. Do you have any ... ?   a) food b) meals 5) The journey was very easy because there wasn’t much ... .   a) car b) traffic 6) Did you hear the ... ?   a) news b) article 7) I don't have much ... about the exam.   a) information b) details 8) How many ... are included when you stay at this hotel?   a) meals b) food 9) The government should pass a law to protect the ... and its habitat.   a) wildlife b) animals 10) There’s a good ... in this magazine. a) article b) news

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