Hello everyone! Welcome to Madrid! We’re going to start our tour here by the beautiful royal 1 ____. So, if you’ve got a heavy 2 ____ with you, then leave it on the bus. From here, we’re going to walk to the 3 ____ of Plaza del Sol – and you will have time to buy some souvenirs. There you can see the famous 4 ____ of the bear of Madrid. After a light 5 ____ in a café, we’ll walk down to the Cibeles 6 ____, where water surrounds a statue. Please be careful while you’re walking as there is a lot of 7 ____ and I don’t want any accidents.I will give you some 8 ____ about the area, but feel free to ask me questions too. Of course, you can 9 ____ photos whenever you want. We should 10 ____ back to the hotel at about 4.00 pm.

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