1) __________ do you go to school? a) where b) when c) which d) who 2) ___________ is the colour of your bag? a) why b) when c) where d) what 3) ____________ are you? a) how old b) why c) what time d) what colour 4) ___________do _ you come home? a) how much b) how many c) when d) which 5) ___________ are these oranges? - 2 dollars a) how many b) how much c) where d) why 6) __________ can I help you? - where is the post office? a) how b) where c) why d) who 7) _____________ is the park? a) when b) where c) why d) whose 8) _____________ time is it now? - It's half past 8 a) when b) why c) what d) where 9) ___________ books have you got? a) where b) how much c) what colour d) how many 10) ___________ do you spend summer holidays? a) How b) who c) how long d) which 11) ____________ do you like apples? a) where b) what time c) why d) when 12) _________ film are you watching? a) what b) when c) why d) how long 13) ___________ is your phone number? a) why b) where c) who d) what 14) _____________ do you go to the shop? a) how often b) how long c) who d) what 15) ____________ do you do in the evening? a) why b) what c) where d) what time

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