1) I ________ to the dinosaur museum yesterday. a) go b) went c) am going d) gone 2) She _________ robots two days ago. a) didn't see b) didn't saw c) don't see d) doesn't see 3) He __________ a postcard last week. a) don't buy b) doesn't buy c) didn't buy d) didn't bought 4) Ellie __________ her sandwiches yesterday evening. a) ate b) eat c) eated d) eaten 5) Mary and Mark ________ to school last year. a) didn't went b) didn't go c) don't go d) doesn't go 6) They _________ dinosaur models in the shop yesterday. a) buy b) buyed c) bought d) buys 7) She _______ English two years ago. a) learn b) learning c) learns d) learnt 8) Last Saturday, we _________ a party. a) had b) have c) haved d) has 9) I ________ a cat this morning. a) heard b) hear c) hears d) heared 10) He _________ breakfast yesterday. a) made b) make c) maked d) makes

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