1) A giraffe a) is tall. b) can fly very well. c) is laughing at me. 2) You can ______ at the zoo. a) learn how to run b) see clever animals c) swim 3) Hippos a) always clap at the lunchtime. b) is silly and tall. c) likes vegetables. d) can't climb. 4) They live in a tree. a) dolphins b) whales c) parrots d) giraffes 5) _____ can climb. a) Lizards b) Hippos c) Elephants d) Horses 6) ____ are swimming in the sea. a) Seal b) Whales c) Monkeys 7) Elephants a) always eats bananas. b) is eating from a tree. c) are having fun. 8) You can see a dolphin at the zoo, but you can't see a seal there. a) b) c) d) 9) ______ are sitting in the sun. a) Whales b) Hippo c) Monkeys 10) Whales a) are little and funny. b) can swim. c) is friendly. d) like tomatoes.

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