1) Where is she from? a) He's from the the USA. b) She's from the UK. c) She's from Thailand. 2) Where are they from? a) They're from the UK. b) They're from Brazil. c) We're from Spain. 3) Where is he from? a) He's from Australia. b) She's from Brazil. c) He's from Spain. 4) Where are they from? a) They're from the USA. b) They're from the UK. c) I'm from Thailand. 5) Tom is nine. _____ from Thailand. a) I am b) He is c) We are 6) Anna and I are friends. _______ from Ukraine. a) We are b) She is c) I am 7) Jenny is fifteen. _______ from Australia. a) We are b) They are c) She is 8) Jack and Carl are brothers. _______ from the USA. a) We are b) They are c) I am 9) Where are your from? a) I'm from Ukraine. b) She's from Ukraine. c) They're from Ukraine. 10) Pedro and Tina are from _____. a) the UK b) Spain c) Egypt 11) John is from ____. a) the USA b) Thailand c) the UK 12) Kira is from ____ a) Egypt b) Ukraine c) Brazil 13) Moana is from ____. a) Spain b) the USA c) Brazil 14) Ivan and Olenka are from _____. a) Thailand b) Ukraine c) Australia 15) George and Nata are from _____. a) Australia b) Spain c) Brazil

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