make up your mind - Do you usually ______ about new people quickly?, maintain or avoid - If you saw someone looking at you in public transport, would you __________ eye contact. Why?, collapse - What would you do if you saw someone ________ in the street?, composed - Are you a ___________ person with your feelings under control?, thrilling - What's the most ____ experience of your life?, major red flag - What is the ______that a person is lying to you?, upset - Are you easily ____ when something doesn't meet your expectations?, sarcastic - How do you react if somebody makes _____ remarks about something you like? , go for it - If you get a sudden opportunity to change something dramatically, do you usually ____ or prefer not to risk if you are not sure of the consequences?, chemistry - Is there any _____ between you best friend and your siblings?, mediocre - What is the most ____ movie that you've ever seen?,




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