1) I____________walk to school, maybe two or three days a week. a) never b) always c) often d) sometimes 2) My mother is never late to work, She's _____________ early. a) sometimes b) always c) never d) often 3) I ___________ come late for my music class but not very often. a) always b) never c) often d) sometimes 4) I always send my homework to my teacher. I _________ forget to send it. a) often b) never c) always d) sometimes 5) We ___________ go to the beach for picnic, maybe once or twice a month. a) never b) often c) always d) sometimes 6) Kate_______ eats junk food . She eats them four times a week. a) often b) always c) never d) sometimes 7) I _________ go to the library because it is far from my place. a) always b) often c) never d) sometimes 8) Diane _________watches Youtube only on weekends because she is too busy with homework. a) sometimes b) always c) usually d) often

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