What will you have done by the end of 2020?, I should've ..., I don't let people..., What are your plans for tomorrow ? This weekend ? Next month ? Your birthday?, Jay escaped from prison and ran away to the countryside. While walking along a rural road, he saw a police car speeding towards him. Jay ran toward it for a short time and then jumped into the woods. Why did he run toward the car? (Speciulate), Even if you give this to someone else, you still get to keep it. What is it? (Speculate), What advice would you give to a person that is in the friend zone? , Do you think you will change if you get married?, Look at the sky. What kind of weather can you predict?, Talk about a difficult thing you tried to do, but didn’t manage to because it was too hard., I shouldn't've..., What will you be doing at 1 p.m. tomorrow?, What do you and don't you have to do at home?, When will the quarantine be over? What outcome should we expect? Will the life in our society be the same?, I must..., I could've ..., As long as I have spare time I..., Supposing you could travel in time, where would you go?, I would’ve done more yesterday if..., I am gonna get my ______ done., Talk about something you are thinking of having done soon., Talk about something you paid for and had it done really badly., What were you able to do yesterday?, Tell about something you will never forget doing in your life., Look at your partner and speculate on what they did yesterday. , There is no point (doing)..., Should abortion be allowed?, Are humans causing global warming?, Will work done on artificial intelligence eventually lead to our end?, Is there anything you can't borrow from your friends?, Tell about something you usually stop to do on your way home., I'd rather... than..., Should we grow our meat in a lab?, Can money buy you happiness? Can you afford to buy everything you want?, What would you advise yourself 5 years ago of you could?, What encourages you to achieve your goals?, Have you ever pretended to be happy? Was it worth it?.




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