gnaw - What a dog does with a stick. , gnat - A tiny mosquito., ghost - A scary spirit., knight - Someone who rescues a princess. , numb - When you can't feel your toes. , lamb - A baby sheep. , knee - You have two of these on your legs. , wrist - What connects your hand to your arm. , sign - There are many kinds of these. , wreck - This can happen to a ship or a car. , wrench - A tool adults use to fix things. , wring - When you squeeze a towel or sponge to get rid of the water. , thumb - You have two of these on your hands. , light - This helps you see at night. , comb - You brush your hair with this. , crumb - If you are not careful, you will leave these after you eat. , mule - Another word for a donkey. , slice - A piece of pizza is called?,

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