Are you a member of any organization or a club? Are you planning to become?, Can a sister-in-law be as close as a blood sister?, What kind of a grandparent do you think you will be (or you are)? How will you treat your grandchildren?, Should a woman speak about her ex-husband with her new partner?, What do you like more – being an employer or an employee? What are the benefits and drawback of both situations?, Tell about a good mentor you have/ had in school / university / at work. , Do you think that all that jokes about in laws (especially, mother-in-law) are funny?, Have you personally been a mentor to somebody else?, How long does it take for a fiancée and fiancé to get ready for their wedding? Should it take long?, Tell about your nephew(s), What should godparents teach their godchildren? Do you have a godson or a goddaughter?, Did you like to be a pupil at school? Why?, How should a person behave to be friends with all the team-mates?, Imagine that you have a project to do. You can’t do it alone. Who is an ideal partner for you?, Do you keep in touch with you classmates? How often?, What are the qualities of a cool boss?.




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