Choose a cat or a dog? Why?, Eat apples or a piece of cake? Why?, Quarantine reality: Go for a walk or stay at home? Why?, Wear a dress or jeans to the cinema? Why?, Work out at home or join the gym? Why?, Buy roses or tulips? Why?, Watch TV or read a book? Why?, Write an e-mail to a friend or talk on the phone? Why?, Eat in McDonalds or stay hungry? Why?, Study online or offline? Why?, Get up early or have a lie-in on Sunday? Why?, Cook something yourself or get a take-away? Why?, Go to the mountains or to the seaside? Why?, Learn German or Chinese? Why?, Rent a tiny apartment in the city centre or a spacious detached house in a commuter town? Why?, Check out a new nightclub or stay in on a Saturday night? Why?, Organize a party at your place or go to a friend’s party? Why?.




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