Learn from one teacher at a time, Set one goal at a time, No emails before a certain time, Reduce screen time (including TV), Schedule 15 minutes of alone time every day, Journal for five minutes a day, Only wear certain colors, Set a baseline in your life, Get a new email address, Separate the ‘faux’ from the facts, when it comes to your thoughts, Intentionally choose your relationships, Ask yourself these two questions, Create a list of three priorities for every day, Time and block off recurring weekly tasks, Pick out your clothes and pack your lunch the night before, Use downtime for learning something new, Create a “follow up” folder in your inbox, Declutter like it’s part of your job,  If you have problems with certain foods, cut them out of your diet completely, Be clear about what your values are, Create buffer space, Use Google Calendar to plan your schedule, Practice saying “no” once a day, Refuse to indulge in “I don’t know” or being “stuck”, Get your money right, Improve your mindset from scarcity to abundance, Ask, “How can I automate this?”, Start subtracting everywhere.




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