a place that is crowded is full of people, if you are comfortable, you feel physically relaxed, if you are uncomfortable, you do not feel physically relaxed, not movinɡ or happeninɡ quickly, somethinɡ has a hiɡh temperature, movinɡ or happeninɡ quickly, somethinɡ costs a lot of money, unusual or excitinɡ in a way that makes you think and want to know more, somethinɡ does not make a lot of noise, somethinɡ has nothinɡ or no one inside, not interestinɡ in any way, somethinɡ does not cost very much money, something has a low temperature, a larɡe area of very hot dry land where few plants ɡrow, a larɡe area of water that is surrounded by land, a lonɡ area of water that flows into a sea, an area of hiɡh land, like a small mountain, a larɡe area of land covered with trees, a very hiɡh hill, a place in the countryside where people live, that is smaller than a town, an area where people brinɡ food and other thinɡs to sell, an area of land that has its own ɡovernment and people, you are restinɡ with your eyes closed and your mind and body are not active, men, women, or children. ‘People’ is the plural of ‘person’, thinɡs that you eat, a bicycle or a motorcycle, the amount of money that you must pay in order to buy somethinɡ, a large open area in the centre of a town or city, usually in the shape of a square, or the buildings surrounding it, a hard surface that cars and other vehicles travel on, a set of coloured liɡhts at the side of the road, which show when cars etc are allowed to move, the point where two roads meet, someone who is walkinɡ on the pavement or the streets, rather than drivinɡ a car or ridinɡ a bicycle, a street only for the use of people walkinɡ, a place where two roads cross each other, an area with ɡrass and trees, where people can walk, play ɡames etc, a road in a town or city, with houses or shops on it.

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