1) HOW MANY CONTINENTS ARE THERE IN THE WORLD? a) b) c) d) 2) WHICH IS THE BIGGEST CONTINENT? a) AFRICA b) ASIA c) NORTH AMERICA d) SOUTH AMERICA 3) WHICH IS THE SMALLEST CONTINENT? a) OCEANIA-AUSTRALIA b) ANTARCTICA c) EUROPE d) SOUTH AMERICA 4) WHERE IS CANADA? a) IN NORTH AMERICA b) IN EUROPE c) IN ANTARCTICA d) IN ASIA 5) WHERE IS THE NILE RIVER? a) IN SOUTH AMERICA b) IN ANTARCTICA c) IN AUSTRALIA-OCEANIA d) IN AFRICA 6) WHERE CAN WE EAT PASTA, PIZZA, WAFFLES AND FRIES? a) IN AFRICA b) IN ASIA c) IN EUROPE d) IN NORTH AMERICA 7) WHICH IS THE HOTTEST CONTINENT? a) AFRICA b) AUSTRALIA-OCEANIA c) ASIA d) SOUTH AMERICA 8) WHERE DO MORE THAN THE HALF OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION LIVE? a) IN ANTARCTICA b) IN NORTH AMERICA c) IN EUROPE d) IN ASIA 9) WHERE CAN WE FIND THE LARGE AMAZONAS RAINFOREST ? a) IN ASIA b) IN SOUTH AMERICA c) IN AFRICA d) IN AUSTRALIA-OCEANIA 10) WHICH IS THE COLDEST CONTINENT? a) AUSTRALIA-OCEANIA b) EUROPE c) ANTARCTICA d) NORTH AMERICA 11) Where is the highest mountain? a) Europe b) Asia c) Africa d) North America 12) Where can I find kangaroos? a) Europe b) Asia c) Africa d) Australia 13) Where does the biggest crocodile live? a) africa b) north america c) asia d) Australia 14) Where can I find the dead sea? a) asia b) africa c) south america d) australia 15) What place is the biggest desert found? a) africa b) south america c) australia d) main 16) Where do penguins live? a) Anartica b) south america c) africa d) Australia 17) Where are there no cities? a) Anartica b) South America c) Africa d) Australia

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