1) A women orders a coffee and as soon as she gets it, she takes a sip. she starts to scream and asks for some ice. What does this tell you? a) The coffee is hot b) The coffee is cold c) She has a headache d) She saw a spider 2) Matt comes into the classroom with his face red, sweat dripping from his brow, and he is out of breath. What does this tell you? a) He is sick b) He was running c) He was walking slowly d) He is hungry 3) The leaves on the trees are turning colors and the air outside is cooler. What does this tell you? a) It is summer b) It is winter c) It is fall d) It is spring 4) Liz is at the pool relaxing and listening to music on her phone. Suddenly, the music stops playing. What does this tell you? a) Her phone is dead b) She is tired c) She stopped listening d) She went swimming 5) At the end of the soccer game, the red team is cheering loudly and the white team is walking with their heads down. What does this tell you? a) The white team won b) The red team won c) They both won d) They both lost 6) Lisa was in a hurry to get to work and quickly closed the front door. She then realized that her purse was still inside. She tried the door knob but it wouldn’t turn. What does this tell you? a) The door is open b) The door is broken so she can't open it c) The door is locked and the key is inside the house d) The door is big and too hard to open 7) Tim came into the house still wearing his bike helmet and crying. His knee and elbow were bleeding. What does this tell you? a) His bike is broken b) His bike tire ran out of air c) He fell off his bike d) He walked his bike home 8) It was pizza night for dinner and Ryan eats everything except anchovies. When the pizza arrived he refused to eat any. What does this tell you? a) The pizza had anchovies on it b) The pizza was too hot c) The pizza was cold d) The pizza was spicy

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