1) What does Peter wish he could do? a) Skip b) Whistle c) Draw with chalk 2) Why does Peter hide in the carton and attempt to whistle at Willie? a) He thought it would be funny if he could trick Willie. b) He didn’t want Willie to know he could whistle. c) He didn’t want his mom to see him whistling at Willie? 3) Why did Peter put on his father’s hat? a) He wanted to have a whistle like his father. b) He wanted to feel more grown-up. c) He wanted to trick his mother into thinking he was his father. 4) What does Willie do when Peter tries to whistle, but can’t? a) Willie comes to him. b) Willie ignores him. c) Willie plays with Peter. 5) What is the EFFECT of Peter whistling? a) His dog Willie runs to him. b) He jumps away from his shadow. c) His mom sends him on an errand.

Whistle for Willie Assessment

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